Techno Leather Craft Project

「Techno Leather Craft Project」は、Dプリンタを用いたレザーのオリジナル加工技法の研究活動です。3Dプリンタでプレス型を作成し、天然皮革をプレス加工することで、幾何学的な柄や立体形状を成形する、というオリジナルの技法を活用しています。


天然皮革は我々人類が太古から活用してきたプリミティブな素材です。Techno Leather Craft Projectは3D CADや3Dプリントといった最新のツールを組み合わせによる、レザー加工のプロセスそのものの再構築を目指しています。


First, I carried out some research in order to come up with an original method for leather craft which uses 3dCAD and 3d printing. I then applied this method to make some leather products. I first made molds using a 3d printer, then used them to press tanned cow leather, transferring the pattern and form.

Leather is a primitive material which retains a sense of the animal from which it was made. It’s fun to see just how much you can change its texture by subjecting it to different processes. It has a strong physicality, and so by transferring an inorganic design made on the computer to it, I was hoping to produce something which fell somewhere between the digital and the analogue.